C Class Convertible Spotted

The 2017 C Class Convertible has been spotted a little earlier then expected according to Carscoops.com. Mercedes should be debuting the beauty at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 1st this year, along with a few additional convertibles for their 2017 line. It looks like the design is very similar to the Coupe that we all seen at the Detroit earlier this year, but its sporting a very sexy red soft top.

AMG Parts Now available at US Mercedes Dealerships

Many of us know the folks over at AMG created custom parts for the C450 late last year. However, if you went looking for those parts at a Mercedes dealership in the US you were told that they were not yet available. 

It looks like, according to an internal memo leaked to us, dealerships in the US are able to sell the parts. From the memo it also appears that pricing is set at the dealer level so it may be a good idea if you are in the market for one of these additions that you shop around. 

Brabus Finally Unveils ECU Tuner

Brabus has been hard at work working on their ECU tune to compete with OE Tunning, Renntech and Kleeman. From what I have read it more aligns with Kleeman and Vivid Racings Piggy Back system, but non the less the performance gains are impressive. They have also included some custom body kits to accompany the tune. We have added some pics below, however more can be found here

What we don't like about the new C Class Coupe

After attending the Detroit Auto Show and taking some time to gather our thoughts we wanted to go over, the only thing negative that we could see with the C Class Coupe. 


We posted some pics the other day and among those were pics of the tail lights. This was honestly one of the biggest draws of the car as the current sedan has a slightly dated style. For a quick refresher, here are the photos from the auto show:

All off these shots look great that is until you get to this one.


This is not a bad tail light. This was by design the tail light comes out about half an inch on each side. I don't know what Mercedes were thinking or why they could not have the lights, flush with the rest of the car, but will become an eyesore for those OCD owners out there.


What are your thoughts?

Car Drop Off

Just dropped off our car at GTHaus for the Miesterchraft exhaust system install. We are currently right next to the Chicago airport. We fly out in the morning.  


we we also stopped at a track unfortunately they would not allow us to rent the track for an hour probably due to heavy snow on the track.  


C450 to become the C43 AMG

Interesting news today as Car and Driver reported:

From Car and Driver:

"A few weeks ago, we were a bit surprised to learn that the AMG version of Mercedes’ new SLC-class roadster—it replaces the SLK-class—would be powered by the engine found in the AMG Sport models of the C- and GLE-classes, the C450 AMG and GLE450 AMG. (AMG Sport was launched to neatly split the difference between regular Mercedes vehicles and full-bore AMGs.) AMG hadn’t offered a six-banger in many years, and the twin-turbocharged V-6, while an impressive powerplant, doesn’t adhere to Affalterbach’s “One Man, One Engine” gospel, whereby one technician assembles a complete engine from start to finish.

But the Mercedes-AMG SLC43 won’t be an exception—it actually sets a precedent, as the AMG Sport models will be rechristened and moved into the AMG lineup properly. The Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG will become the Mercedes-AMG C43, and a Mercedes-AMG E43 will launch later this year. Further models will follow.

This is interesting as it now means that the C 450 will become a full fledged AMG Model this is good news for some, but not for others as it removes the one car one machine mindset that mercedes amg has traditionally held.

AL Priority/Valentine 1 Installation Guide and Review Up Tomorrow (more to come)

With the holidays we have not been able to get a lot of the reviews done that we would have liked to. We promise to have more out soon, however, we will be installing our Laser Jammers and Radar Detectors tomorrow and should have a review up shortly after that. I have been using the Valentine one for about a week now independent of the full system and can't wait to implement the all in one system as the few issues I have with the Valentine should be addressed. I can definitely say that the valentine has already saved me from a ticket.


We are also looking into a Dash Cam review in the next week or so. We are looking at a few different units from different vendors, but if you have any recommendations please comment below.

First C Class Coupe Review with C450 Release Date

A Canadian news source The Globe and Mail has put up their first review of the C Class Coupe inside it is also release dates for the C63 coupe as well as the C450.

And the in-between C450, which we didn’t even see in Spain, will cross the Atlantic in the early fall.

This is great news as it is the first time anyone has reported on a date that the c450 coupe will arrive. The article mainly focuses on the C300 and the C63 with the only other mention of the c450 here

And the in-between C450, which we didn’t even see in Spain, will cross the Atlantic in the early fall.

It is worth noting that they gave the C300 coupe that they drove a 7.5